Bvlgari Le Gemme Noorah 

I’ve been in love with Bvlgari ever since I had my first whiff of this beautiful line of fragrances 

This beautiful turquoise bottle reminds me of  the mythical spice routes  Asia and the middle east a scene from Aladdin ,it is said caravans belonging to the Turkish brought the turquoise  to Europe ,giving the gemstone it’s name 

Noorah an evocative name embodying the exuberance of the infinite heavens ,this rich luxurious mysterious and sensual fragrance captures the majestic orient of silk spice and everything nice this amazing turquoise bottle with galbanum,cardamom,iris,benzoin,tobacco,oak,patchouli and vanilla is a heaven of spice like sense and beauty 

It comes in six fragrances Lilaia,Ashlemah,Amarenah,Noorah,Maravilla and Calaluna developed by the perfumer Daniela Andrier 

Amarena ~ tourmaline, a fruity floral with tuberose and powdery rose.
Ashlemah ~ amethyst, with lavender, iris, violet and heliotrope.
Calaluna ~ moonstone, with sandalwood, cardamom, heliotrope, ambrette and pear. 
Lilaia ~ peridot, a fresh woody fragrance with mastic, peppermint, orange and mate.
Maravilla ~ citrine, a chypre with citrus, as well as peach, jasmine and patchouli.
Noorah ~ turquoise, with galbanum, cardamom, iris, benzoin, tobacco, oak, patchouli and vanilla.

The Bvlgari Le Gemme are packaged in bottles that are inspired by roman urns this lovely Eau de par fum is a must luxury item 


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