Aspirin Face Mask (DIY)

A while ago I tried the aspirin mask been seeing it on you tube and many social media on beauty secrets and  home remedies we got to love the concept on pantry spa or making beauty in the kitchen so I tried it and this does work! It’s no secret that this diy mask has been around for a while now so I decided let’s try it again as my skin been acting up now and again being a makeupartist it’s important having great skin and skin care advice for my clients 

The salicylic acid in aspirin is a fabulous home remedy  it gently exfoliates skin leaving you with a glow ,we all suffer from that occasional flare up not having enough time on our skin care regime , having long hours of full face makeup or living fast paced hardly anytime lifestyle

Great for ingrown hair and men can use it too for beards!

It takes about 2 mins to make and you see results 10-15 mins after 

*Please do a skin test or if you have a Aspirin allergy do not try this 

You will Need:

  • 4-7 Uncoated Aspirin tablets 
  • Distilled or bottled water 
  • Fresh lemon juice as a few drops
  • 1 Tbls Organic Honey 

*lemon juice can be left out 

A few benefits  :

Aspirin is an anti inflammatory reducing redness

Honey has antibacterial properties reduces breakouts and flare ups as well as locking moisture in skin to give you that radiant glow 

Lemon juice has many healthy vitamins reduces. Scars ,exfoliates ,brightens and lightens skin and reduces age spots 


In a small bowl add the aspirin with just enough water to make a paste 

Add lemon juice (can be left out )

Add honey 

Apply to face and neck generously leave on for 5 -15 mins 

Rinse off 

Results are almost instant and skin has a nice glow ,great for those stubborn blackheads and uneven skin 

Hope you enjoyed this post 


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