Tinkerbell my 1st Makeup Encounter 

Many people ask me why makeup? 

Well my answer is simple Why Not I say… With a nice smile ofcourse & carry on talking so passionately of makeup ,skincare and fashion
It started all when I was a little girl going to the Pharmacy or department stores and just staring at me in the isle all pretty in pink as many little girls are attracted to  with green is the one and only Tinkerbell cosmetics the attractive packaging pretty pictures of fairies & ballerinas ,the fairytale reality which seems so ideal at the time and age 

So as I grew older I developed a real interest in makeup and when I found MAC it was literally heaven on earth for me! My Love for Chanel is everlasting , I can’t say I have a favourite but I do like a lot of products out there.
So now my search goes on trying all new products and reviewing them 

I would like to know how everyone else’s 1st makeup encounter was so please feel free to share 💋 Follow me on Instagram @faybmj

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