Kat Von D  Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

Ive been obsessing about liquid lipsticks recently , I love that it has staying power we all need to step up our lip game I’ve worn this in the morning and it stayed until I removed it , this everlasting liquid lipstick lives up to its name  like a lip stain that has major staying power 

This amazing  Hot Pink lip color on me is Backstage Bambi it’s 0.22fl oz described as vivid hot pink cotton candy like liquid to matte finish  

I’ve noticed with all liquid lipsticks it feels a bit dry after a while and gets more drying until I take it off  but I do use a little gloss because my lips get dry during the South African Winter , the coverage is well and could easily say lasts about 8 hours 
The pigmentation ,texture & longevity is great 

The packaging is really awesome with a tattoo print being Kat is also a tattoo artist and it shows in  the all round packaged look

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