Strobing The latest Makeup Technique

Those of you who’ve just learnt to contour get ready  to learn again there’s a new craze it’s called Strobing! 

This look works very well with great skin as a base already 

Strobing is a major game changer as not everyone is a fan of  extreme definition of contouring And that Kim Kardashian sculpted HD look
It’s been around for quite a while now being its not new in the make up world .

Its all about highlighting and glowy dewy fresh  skin ,using no harsh or dark shading on the face as if you would when contouring it’s soft light reflecting and all round beautiful saying Goodbye To Bronzers!

Makeup is usually kept very minimal with a little blush and neutral eye makeup known and tagged  as the French Girl beauty Trend 

It still slims the face highlights the cheekbones & features in a more subtle way 

Using highlighter on the tip and bridge of the nose ,top of the cheekbones ,cupids bow ,inner corners of the eyes and above the eyebrow use where you would like to accentuate your features 

How to Get It

Proper good  skin care is vital. Make sure you’re constantly cleansing, moisturizing, and treating your face. Essentially, a regimented skin care routine will saturate your face in goodness—allowing for the natural glow to shine through once your makeup is done. Look for brightening products and offerings rich in antioxidants 

Try out MAC Strobe cream ,illamasqua hydraveil  and your favourite illuminators or highlighters light weight liquid foundations work best and liquid products with very Minimal product use 

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