Rainbow Lips Makeup Inspired Look

Ive been feeling kind of colorful today so I decided to try this amazing look out those who want to try it read on πŸ’‹πŸ’„ it’s super fun! 

Simple and easy 

Any questions feel free to comment 😊

Here’s how you get the look 

  • Line lips with white eye pencil & fill them in 
  • Nyx eyeshadow base all over the lips 
  • Start filling in colors you like  with a eyeshadow or lip brush I chose 1-7 on the bh cosmetics eyeshadows make strip lines and don’t make them too big 
  • Apply lip glass I used MAC creme brilliance 
  • Apply concealer around the lip and mouth area to sculpt for a clean look 

  Fill in the entire lip area πŸ’‹ it shoul look like this , thereafter start coloring in strips of your favourite colors 🌈

Here’s the finished Look Hope you Enjoyed trying this out πŸ’‹ don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more makeup looks @faybmj

Follow me on Instagram @faybmj

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