Fix Dry Gel Liner 

I love gel eyeliner but I have a problem they get dry really fast! 
Before throwing them away I decided let me try this out and it works! it becomes smooth and creamy again I like to add a few drops baby oil and mix in with a tooth pick or tiny paint brush 

Being a makeup artist I use it a lot so the constant opening and closing get air inside just a little tip to make yours last longer 
How to Fix your Dry Gel Liner Make it Creamy Again💄💋

 1-Close the liner properly 

2&3 – Put in a ziplock plastic bag

4-seal tight 

5-Pour Boiling water in a cup 

6- Place plastic bag in the hot water & wait for 10 mins 

7- All fixed smooth & creamy again
Hope you try this out would love feedback 😘

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