Empowerment of each other 

Lately it’s come across to me alot.. Empowerment ,what does it mean to me well to me it’s a powerful word in my life I always believe in empowering others helping each other grow I don’t see the point in being catish and claws all out ,being in a industry of beauty in everything we see what is that beauty … if it is filled with hate and envy towards others  
I find a person more beautiful with a kind heart yet I ask myself where are the kind people today ,I am luckily to have the amazing people in my circle who empower me give me life encourage me to go forward with my vision 
Another thing is cyber bullying why spread so much hate on a person we all have the same amount of hours in a day ,do something make a change 
We now in a world where bullying is something else as adults today I’ve seen that some people never grow out of it ,it’s up to us to Stop don’t feed those comments or negativity bullying is not welcome empower each other spread the love be the kind of person you would love to meet ,I am inspired to live a life empowering anyone all over the world  I have an admiration for people who do the same 

Kindness & Goodness always to my readers 

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