Lipidol Suncreen Oil SPF20

I love trying out new products and this one was a must I’m a believer in good skin care and having using a spf for everyday day wear is a must , the scent wasn’t too bad I actually liked it smells of cypress and basil essential oils ,  it’s a moisturiser and a spf so that makes it perfect for even everyday wear 
I initially thought that it’s going to make my skin oily and greasy and to my surprise it didn’t , it made my skin moisturised my makeup went on easily giving me a sheen subtle glow , throughout the day felt comfortable and easy wearing , if your not a makeup wearer that’s fine too the active moisturising of this oil will leave you impressed , I know when you hear Suncreen Oil you can initially cringe like oh boy am I going to burn to a crisp in the sun! This oil base skin sun protection actually helps from the harmful burn of the sun and doesn’t make you tan or burn so I give this product a thumbs up! 

 Lipidol is the world’s first range of oils for daily skincare. It was developed by the makers of Bio-Oil. So you know it’s a good product 

Supplements the skin’s natural oily layer stripped away by sun, wind and water. Apply before going in the sun. Re-apply after swimming. UVA/UVB (SPF 20). Recommended Price: R79.95 available at clicks stores 

Size: 125ml
Thanks to @rubybox_beauty for sending me these , I am giving away 2 of these to my lucky subscribers see my instagram @faybmj for more details how to enter just comment on my post !!



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