Tempo Pocket  Tissues

Hi Everyone! Got Tempo Pocket Tissues and   what I recieved to try out was the following they are all demerterlogically tested & are 4ply which means they are really strong and soft ! At first I thought oh just normal Tissues but what caught my attention was the the Tempo Protect &  the Tempo complete care because of the antibacterial and soothing properties ,  I really like this  brand and would definetly purchase them 

  • Tempo Protect : antibacterial formula which reduces germs right into the tissue so I really liked that aspect   and has aloe Vera , what I found was the tissue had a pleasant clean scent which was quite nice  
  • Tempo Complete Care: soothing balm with eucalyptus natural oils ,ideal for stuffy and blocked noses the soothing balm and eucalyptus helps you breathe easily , I really liked this one because of the smell and I found that the scent is calming especially for those with allergies and hay fever sufferes I know the feeling I suffer as well! Sniffing this tissue was nice and pleasant and made me want to breathe into it for the calming  scent of soothing balm and eucalyptus natural oils 
  • Tempo Classic : a complete blend of softness and strength 

Available in most Stores & For my South African Followers these are available as  Tempo Tissue Packs – R26.99 – 10 pack – Available at Dischem, Spar and selected Checkers Stores

Tempo Tissues 10 packs of pocket tissues are all 4 Ply Strength. Each pack contains 10 individually wrapped tissues. Convenient and disposable tissues that are soft and gentle on your skin, yet strong enough to clean your face, hands and nose.
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Love Fay

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