Impulse Fragrance 

Recently Rubybox sent me Impulse fragrances in 2 types Paris & True Love each came with its own limited Edition 5 piece pretty brush set which I’ve used in my looks ,these pretty brushes are ideal for on the go ,to travel with or just to pop into your handbag , the pretty and sleek packaging caught my attention and the scents were always so fragrant 

These come in 75ml & are available at leading Retailers & almost Everywhere please be sure to check out more from Rubybox 

Impulse TrueLove Is a romantic fragrance contains fresh and juicy notes of lime, plum, apricot, pear, freesia, lily of the valley, peony, lotus and amber. It is available as perfumed deodorant spray.

Impulse  Paris  contains notes of raspberry, tangerine, orange, jasmine and tamarind. It is available as perfumed deodorant spray.

I always apply 15cm away which is the ideal way to apply body sprays 

My favourite of the two has got to be Paris as that’s the scent I feel I like I’m drawn to  more 

I actually was inspired by both of them when I seen true love and then Paris they both symbolize for me pretty makeup ,Glamour and romance & love , so when I recieved it I was so excited to create looks , I’ve used Impulse ever since I was a teenager & im glad the brand is back with innovation , Paris has been my favorite scent so far with it being sweet smelling fragrance , when I thought of Paris to me it was of Smokey eyes and Darker lip colors , and then I thought you can play around so much the choices are infinite 🙂 
Below are  just some of the makeup looks inspired that  I created using the brushes , you can see more on my Instagram @faybmj


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