Dove Antiperspirant 

Recieved the New Improved Dove Aerosal Antiperspirant deodorant in the Original & Invisibly Dry  this week to test & review & I must say I’m impressed with the new improvements 

Dove Invisibly Dry has been tested on 100 colours & has left NO white marks or left on residue  on clothing making it one fine deodorant ,both Original &  Invisibly Dry are alcohol Free 

For me a good deodorant is all about its long wearing protection and scent , so when I tried this product I was pleased with the results 
Being a fan of spray on deodorant , Dove has done it for me with its 48 hr protection & 1/4 moisturing cream makes it so much better on the skin keeping it smoother and softer and I must say it has a pleasant lovely scent which lasts  , keeping me fresh all day !
The aerosol spray feels light and cooling, dries instantly with no white residue, and has a clean, soapy smell 

Dove says


We all want our days to go as smoothly as possible and something as small as choosing the best antiperspirant deodorant spray can help us in our quest

The quest for hassle-free days is why we’ve made sure each of our spray antiperspirant deodorants protects us, no matter what we’re facing.  
All our antiperspirant deodorants match your pace for up to 48 hours: from Dove Original and the Go Fresh range to Invisible Dry, our spray deodorants are a must-have for modern life in the fast lane.  

Plus, each option contains ¼ moisturising cream to soothe underarm skin. This unique formula cares for this delicate area, supporting natural moisture levels to help keep irritation and dryness at bay (just where it belongs, we think you’ll agree).  

Whether you’re looking to find a caring antiperspirant or you’re after a fresh new fragrance. 

The trusted classic, Dove® Original antiperspirant cares for the delicate skin of your underarms and offers the 48-hour protection that you would expect from Dove®.Original aerosol deodorant, with its ¼ moisturising cream formula will help your skin recover itself after shaving whilst gently moisturising, leaving underarm skin visibly softer and smoother.

New Dove Invisible Dry is tested on 100 garment colours, from black to white and all the colours in between. This means that you have a fresh antiperspirant that keeps you dry all day long without leaving a trace.Like all other Dove deodorants in the range, it also contains our unique ¼ moisturising cream for beautiful underarms as well as 48-hour protection.

Would I recommend this product and Repurchase ? Yes I would 

Original & Invisible Dry Antiperspirant Deodorant – R31.95 – Available at all leading pharmacies

Overall rating  










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